Kingdom Business Builders

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Did you know that no matter what you do for a living you can use your work to bring glory to God?

You can use your business and your workplace to further God’s Kingdom. How do you do that? One way is to use your business contacts to spread the Gospel.

I once got a call from a Swiss man who is the president and CEO of a major international sports apparel company. He said he had just finished reading “Transformed”, the manuscript of my book, and that it changed his life. He told me, “I’ve read this book, and I am now a Christian. I just need to know one thing: Should I resign as CEO of my company and become a pastor?” I said, “No way! Let me show you how to use your job for the Kingdom, how to be a Kingdom builder and not just a wealth builder. “Do you have an executive team?” He said yes, there were six of them, and two of them were also Christians. I said, “You start meeting with those two and start praying for the other three. Your first ministry is to win your three coworkers to Christ. “Now, how many employees do you have at your company?” He said about 2,000 I responded, “That’s called a mega church! You’ve got 2,000 members in your congregation. Start praying for them. Be available to them. Establish good Christian principles in your business. “Do you want to influence other CEOs? Then you need to stay a CEO, because you’ll have far more influence on them as a CEO than as a pastor or missionary. “Would you like to influence culture? The next time you do a celebrity endorsement, you bring that pro athlete in, sit him down, and tell him that you’re not just his sponsor; you are his friend. Give him your business card, and tell him to call you when he is in trouble or has a need.”

In today’s global economy, the new missionaries are businessmen and businesswomen.

In today’s global economy, the new missionaries are businessmen and businesswomen. There are many countries that won’t let a pastor or missionary in but they will gladly welcome your business. When you use your business for the one thing that’s going to outlast everything else, the Kingdom of God, you are being a Kingdom builder and not just a wealth builder. There is nothing wrong with using your work to build wealth. But Jesus said in Matthew 6:20, “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven”. The only way you can invest in Heaven is to invest in people who are going there. When your work points people to God you are storing up treasure in Heaven to use for eternity. You are advancing God’s Kingdom!

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