Kanye West: Either Very Self Confident or Extremely Arrogant

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The announcement that hip hop star ad producer Kanye West would be headlining at the Glastonbury 2015 was met with feelings of trepidation by many. You never know what you’re going to get with Kanye, which may actually be part of his appeal. I think I better make it clear at this stage that to categorise me as a Kanye fan would be a mistake, although it is within my nature to hold anybody who has turned their talent into a world renowned success in some regard – the degree of which is dependent on the talent obviously.

Another thing that Kanye West is well known for is what some would describe as arrogance. Famously referring to himself as Yeezus (a play on the name Jesus) and consequently titling his 6th studio album with the same further solidifies his image as a bit, well, full of himself.

And if we were in any doubt about how Kanye felt about himself, he went all out to set us straight when he declared himself to be “the greatest living rockstar on the planet!” on the Glastonbury stage. And just in case you still didn’t get it, he yelled it at us again – with more conviction this time!

Now, I actually heard this live on BBC 1xtra and had a sudden cringe attack. Like, who actually says that of themselves? It’s one thing to have people say that about you but to scream it about yourself to 1000’s of people is just so sickeningly arrogant…or is it?

Is Kanye simply and openly displaying what we encourage people to do every day – “believe in yourself otherwise no-one else will”? And let’s be honest, if you had received the level of success that he has over the last 10 years, you may find the seed of pride creeping up and over-taking you too.

The question is, it is arrogance or just a healthy…extremely healthy dose of self-confidence? What is the difference between the two and when does one cross the line.

Kanye West’s strange outburst irritated me to the core. But it also made me consider the balance or line between being confident in the gifts, talents and abilities that I have been given, and allowing pride and self-glory to overshadow the realisation that all that I have and any success granted to me is only because of Jesus Christ.

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Over to you

Would you call Kanye West’s little outburst a healthy display of self confidence or is it straight arrogance? Where do we draw the line between the two? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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