Israel Houghton and Wife Seal Their Love with Matching Anniversary Tatts

Isreal Houghton and wife
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Israel Houghton and Adrienne Houghton Couples that tatt together stay together! Well, let’s hope so as multi-award winning Gospel singer, Israel Houghton, and his new wife & ‘The Real’ TV show host, Adrienne Houghton, have gotten matching  ‘XI’ micro tattoos on their ring fingers.

‘XI’, meaning eleven in Roman Numerals, represents their wedding anniversary – the first of which is coming up on 11th November this year. Get it? The 11th day of the 11th month. Awww cute!

But these loved up love birds didn’t stop there. No! They want the day that they united in holy matrimony to be memorialised in as many ways as possible, including their Instagram accounts. The couple has decided to follow 1,111  accounts each. Again representing the 11th of November.

Isreal houghton and wife

It’s often said that married couples can get a little forgetful of the important dates in their lives including their wedding anniversaries. It appears that a calendar reminder just won’t cut it for the Houghtons. They have their anniversary etched on their skin and in the virtual world. No excuses for late anniversary gifts now Israel.

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