#Introjuice: Tom Read

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Integrity Music artist, Tom Read, had a busy 2015 releasing a track a month as part of his Patreon campaign.

Tom moved his wife and family from Hong Kong to the UK in 2013 to focus on developing his music career. In a Kickstarter style campaign he released one track a month on Patreon.com allowing fans to pledge and donate to further fund the project in exchange for a variety of rewards.

Here’s the full list of songs, tell us in the comments below which one is your favourite:

  1. Song #1 – Gravity
  2. Song #2 – Rewrite The Story
  3. Song #3 – Crashing
  4. Song #4 – Forever Young
  5. Song #5 – Take Me From The Fire (Live)
  6. Song #6 – In The Ordinary
  7. Song #7 – Filter
  8. Bonus song: We’re Only Human
  9. Song #8 – I Just Want You
  10. Song #9 – Masks
  11. Song #10 – Is Anyone Listening?
  12. Song #11 – Dreaming As We Go
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Over to you

Which is your favourite track from Tom Read? Tell us in the comments below.

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