#Introjuice: JP Cooper – Closer

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‘Closer’ is the lead track released from singer-songwriter, JP Cooper’s, new EP ‘When the Darkness Falls’. The video is also the very first from him, directed by Drew Cox and brilliantly acted by Nicholas Pinnock & Leanne Best; for a first effort they have set an extremely high bar for the Manchester artist to follow for his next video project.

JP CooperThe ‘Closer’ video explores the subject of miscarriage, grief, loss, and mental illness. It sounds like it should be quite morbid and depressing but in fact it is probably one of the most beautifully moving music videos I’ve seen in a long time. The sensitivity with which the very hard subjects are tackled is simply brilliant.

As for JP Cooper’s song writing skills, wow! The depth of love and wanting conveyed in the lyrics of this song is overwhelming. On first listen it sounds like a romantic love song, (minus the clear reference to a child in the first verse), but after a closer listen the deeper meaning of the song is revealed. I am most impressed by how a song relatively short in length can carry so many layers and evoke an array of emotions in the listener ranging the full spectrum from sadness to joy….can you tell I really like this song!

JP Cooper has been hailed as the ‘future sound of 2015’ and deservedly so. So far this year he has released his 5th EP, is currently touring the UK, performs alongside Taylor Swift in the Summer, and is currently recording his first album under Island Records set for release later this year. Not yet a household name, we’re confident he will not maintain that status for much longer.

If you are not yet familiar with JP Cooper’s music consider yourself #Introjuiced, you’re set to see a lot more from him from here on out.

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