Introjuice: Ekklesia – Where You Are ft. Jaz Ellington

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Forgive me for the lateness in this Introjuice post. Truth is, I hadn’t even watched this video until the other day…I know, I know. I had seen people talking this video on social media and kept planning to watch it. When I finally got round to doing so I was stunned into silence from the opening scene right through to the very last second.

Usually, I try not to write these music reviews with too much emotion. I try and stay quite factual and subjective in well-reasoned manner. But on this occasion my efforts to follow suit are futile. The truth is, you cannot watch this video, listen to the lyrics and absorb the inspiring vocals without becoming overcome with emotions. It’s an emotional song with an extremely powerful video story-line.

Musically, it isn’t over done, in fact, it quite pared back. This isn’t a negative thing at all. The minimalist approach to the musical arrangement actually gives room for the creation of an almost haunting and dramatic feel. The vocal arrangement mimics that of its musical support but skilfully pulls you through the story with deep lows, harmonic reflection and highs of hope. Jaz Ellington’s vocal range grabs hold of you and escorts you along the journey, whilst the harmonic duo of the Ekklesia sisters are strong and reassuring yet full of meaning and compassion.  It is fair to say that by not going over the top in regards to complicated arrangements and many different sounds, but instead, keeping the melody quite sturdy and arguably simplistic, they have in fact produced what can only be described as powerful. The popular term ‘less is more’ really comes in to meaning in this song.

In regards to the video, it really speaks for itself; and by the time you’ve finished watching it you may struggle to speak for at least a minute! The video tells of a man who devastates his own world and the that of a young couple who lose their little girl after being involved in a car accident with this man – who appears to have been drink-driving. The video shows of the man’s anguish at the knowledge of what he has done. He has the blood of a little girl on his hands and now faces the consequences. You witness him fighting with belief in God and any hope for a future. But the video peaks when forgiveness throws this man a life-line. Some really good acting here, made even better by a strong and well thought through story-line.

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‘Where You are’ is taken from their latest album – ‘Atmosphere’. Download here: Where You Are

About Ekkliesia

EKKLESIA are a band who love life and love making music that makes a difference.  All hailing from London the band has seen and experienced the good and the bad that life has to offer. Through their music they express this and simply have fun doing it!

They will be live on Premier Gospel on 3rd of May on the Dave P show at 8:30


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