IntroJuice: Earmark Collective – ‘Bear The Mark’

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Earmark Collective are an upcoming group of talented, soulful hip-hop artists that love Christ. The London based gospel group released their song “Bear The Mark” on Youtube on 13th June 2014. The song is joyful, upbeat soulful hip hop track full of hope and solid lyrical content, delivered smoothly through a variety of vocals. The group consists of four members including Triple O who will be playing live in at the Kierra Sheard Concert in Birmingham on 1st  November, don’t miss out!

Directed by Chas Appeti and produced by Freddy Winter, the video shows the four members in an urban London setting. Combining rap and soul vibes with the truth of the gospel in a way that is relevant to today – something which is very important in today’s society especially for young people who may find faith uninteresting simply because they don’t understand it. Therefore intertwining gospel with hip-hop is an effective way to get different types of people interested.

The contrasts between each artist not only takes the listener on a journey, but also compliments the others own verses. We first get the crazy flows and rhyme scheme of Triple O before receiving the lyrical heat that First Lady pens, followed by the incredible harmonies of Sherkole, until Owanari Briggs calms the vibe with clever punch lines.

First Lady: @FirstLadyMusiq
Triple O : @TripleOMusic
Shekole: @Sherkole
Owanari Briggs: @Briggs_Mr

Review written by Miriam Midi

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