Incest Movie ‘Broken’ Breaks Unto Cinema Screen

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Hard-hitting Christian movie about incest, titled ‘Broken’, premiered at Manchester’s Showcase Cinema last weekend.

‘Broken’ was produced by Manchester-based female film-maker, Bola Akande, who is breaking the silence by illustrating such a hard and sensitive subject and encouraging more conversations in the church about uncovering real issues.

The story centres around lead character, Morenike, a young girl sexually abused by the most unexpected person in her life from the age of 12 into her late teens. Suffering at the hands of her father and step-mother, a 17 years old Morenike finally strikes back. With years passing, we discover the damage done in Morenike’s life.

Film maker Bola’s daughter, Adedoyin Akande, excellently played the role of the abused child. In conversation during a Q&A after the screening Adedoyin said

It was a difficult role to play. The bedroom scenes were really awkward. But we knew we had an important story to tell so we all just got into character and got on with it.

bola akande

‘Broken’ follows the style of a Nollywood movie, which causes you to experience mixed emotions throughout the whole film from laughter, to anger, to sadness, to even being afraid. With the topic being so hard-hitting, the comedic moments in the film made it easier for the audience to take in. The film also displayed great acting from the cast, especially mother and daughter Bola and Adedoyin Akande working side by side. In addition, the film presented excellent cinematography which was effective in passing along an important message to the audience.

The film received a lot of positive comments from the viewers, who congratulated Bola for being Manchester’s pioneer woman who brought to light a sensitive subject like incest to the big screen.

I would highly recommend people to watch ‘Broken’. Although there are some sensitive scenes the film still illustrates a powerful message that, “no matter how wretched or broken you think your life is God has a way of fixing it.”

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