How To Write An Amazing Music Press Release

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press releaseAs a with other music media companies, Vinejuice is constantly on the lookout for new hot music that we can play on Vinejuice Radio,  feature on and make lots of noise about you on our various social media platforms. Thankfully we get lots of artists sending us music causing us to have an abundant and overflowing music inbox.

That being said, it’s really saddening to say that a lot of the music sent into us doesn’t get the airplay, feature and social media blast that we would want to give it because it didn’t come with a full PRESS RELEASE.

We figured that maybe with the rise of independent artists, it makes sense that knowledge and application of some of the business aspects of releasing new music may not come easily. So for that reason, we decided to stop moaning about it and actually do something to help. Below are some tips and tricks for putting together a press release that any media company would be happy to receive.


First Things First. What Is A Press Release

It’s almost like a CV for your music release or video drop. It tells the recipient everything they need to know about your project and provides them with the tools to take appropriate action. A press release will not only give whatever it is you want to draw attention a better chance of being seen but will also increase your chance of that information being shared, featured or spotlighted.


Why Do Media Companies Need Press Release Anyway?

Media companies who are likely to really work to support your music promotional efforts will require you send in a press release with your music because it helps them to do exactly what you have sent the music to them for…PROMOTE. You can’t promote what you don’t know. Media companies need you to sell them the vision, the buzz, the heat. And once they’ve bought it, they also need you to give them the information and assets to make their job easier. Think about it, one Media Company is easily receiving 10’s and 100’s of music related emails per month, all requesting to be spotlighted in some way. It’s natural that they’ll pull out the music that firstly offers the sound and quality that they’re after but also all the information they need to pull together an article, shout about your music and even playlist you.

To expect that the person on the receiving end of your email is going spend the next hour hitting google to find out as much as they can about you, call you to pull out the information from you or spend time in prayer and fasting in the hopes to receive a word of knowledge is not quite realistic at all. #JustSaying


What Should Your Press Release Include?

Tip 1: We Need Your Name

As obvious as this may seem, you would be shocked to see how many emails we get with a link to a new music video or an attachment of new music with no name! We’re often left in a state of astonishment at these emails because it’s like…“but who are you?”

Tip 2: Tell Us About You

Aside from giving us your name, it would also be great if you told us a little bit about you. Not a whole bio but just a short intro to the world of you. One paragraph will do. And this applies even if you consider yourself to be fairly popular. To be honest, there are so many artists out there that it really helps to be reminded of what you’re about and what’s special about you. What kind of artist are you? Are you award winning or have you had a chart-topping track? Are you new to the industry and making waves, transitioning from another genre or even making a comeback? Something of that nature would be great.

Tip 3: Now Tell Us about Your Project

Here’s where you can ahead and give us the heat on your project.  Are you releasing a single, ep or album? Are you dropping a new video? Going on tour or have a hot concert we should be getting excited about? Alongside that let us know about any collabs and features, producers and directors involved so they too can get a mention too if appropriate.

Tip 3: What’s Coming Up?

Right, so we know your name (thank God), we know a little bit about you and your project. Now it would be great tell us about anything that’s coming up. For example, have you got a listening party planned for the album? Are you dropping a video for the new track? Any more music coming up in the near future? It’s a smart move to let the media outlet know this in advance so that they be in anticipation, ready and waiting for your next press release. They also have something to feed to their audience to hopefully get them equally excited.

Tips 4: Great Pics

We need some images. Definitely provide cover artwork for a new single, EP or album as this is your visual representation of your music. Also, accompany your press release with a high resolution of yourself that we can use to support our promotional of your project.

Tip 5: Links, Links Links:

Video links, website links, social media links and any other links you think are relevant. Make it easy for media companies to direct people to your various online platforms. Again, don’t expect that media companies will take the time to begin to search you out. Put it all there in the press release.

Tip 6: Handles & Hashtags

Similar to ‘Tip 5’ – it’s all about ease of finding you. Give us your social media links as well as any hashtags you’re using to support your promo campaign.

Tip 7: Get The Timing Right 

Generally, media companies like to find out about things before they are released to the general public. This gives them a chance to easily start talking about you before the official release of your project or be right on time with it. We’d advise that you get your press release out to media outlets as early as possible. If you don’t want the information provided to be used until a particular date, that’s fine, just mark the press release as ‘EMBARGOED” until the specific date. Otherwise, let us know that we are free to make as much noise about your project as we want by marking it “For Immediate Release”.


So that’s your lot. Hopefully, these tips will help you to begin to garner as much support as possible by putting together and sending out compelling and comprehensive press releases. If you need further assistance feel free to email [email protected]

If you would like Vinejuice to write & distribute your Press Release [email protected] [email protected]

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