Happiest behind the Pulpit or Bar?

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A Pub Landlord turned Church Curate talks about whether he was ‘happiest’ working in a Pub or for the Lord. According to research undertaken by BBC News, publicans are in the unhappiest occupation whilst members of the clergy are most satisfied.

Paul Mundy became a Curate in the village of Barcombe in East Sussex after working in a pub for 22 years. In this video he describes his journey and discusses whether he is happier now than he was behind the bar.

After watching the video, it is interesting to note that Paul is able to draw similarities in the ‘Job Remits’ for both positions. He also draws practical experiences from his time as Pub landlord to assist him in working within the church.

Aside from the obvious affection Paul Mundy appears maintain for the pub despite his new Church role (of which some may question), this BBC News video did get us thinking about job satisfaction and whether it is linked to the call of the Lord on a person’s life. Watch the Video and let us know what you think.

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