Greater Manchester Police Boogie on Down for Charity

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This is actually so bad…it’s bad! But when you consider the cause you have to take your hat off for the boys and girls at Greater Manchester Police for taking up the challenging and ‘attempting’ to boogie in the name of charity.

With Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy leading the way, officers and police staff from across the force came together to recreate the recent Cadbury advert featuring the hit song by Baccara, Yes Sir, I Can Boogie. And all this in aid of Manchester based charity – ‘Forever Manchester’ who want to raise awareness of the work they do and to highlight the need for people to support local charity groups.

Shockingly, this isn’t their first attempt at Youtube stardom. Greater Manchester Police previous did a spoof video based on Gangnam Style has had nearly 63,500 hits on YouTube and raised the profile of Super Josh (The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity) which helps children with brain tumours.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said: “Forever Manchester is a fantastic local charity which has supported over 20,000 local community projects with grants to help volunteers. So often we see that the best solutions to problems come from local people putting in voluntary effort in their own local areas. This is a great way to deal with issues such as antisocial behaviour, repeat offending, loneliness and isolation.

“This tongue in cheek video is just one way of raising the profile of this worthwhile charity and it’s nice to show everyone that we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously.

“Supporting the community is just one part of our role as protectors of Greater Manchester.”

Nick Massey DL, Chief Executive for Forever Manchester, said: “We’re happy that the force is with us.”
Strangely enough, we actually found this video hilarious. The stiffness that you would expect from a police officer is not lost, even when they are encouraged to loosen up and ‘Boogie’! But hey, we wouldn’t want them any other way, would we?

Greater Manchester Police is raising money for Forever Manchester. The charity supports grassroots community projects across the borough. If you would like to make a donation, you can ‘boogie’ on down to: (sorry…could resist it).

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