Funky Armpits and Ashy Knees

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Lisa McClendon - Proverbial GirlFunky Arm PitsIt never fails! No matter how many times we remind this boy, our 8 year old, Josh, always seems to forget to put on lotion and deodorant.

I knew I had to do something different when one Sunday during church, my nose was greeted by the scent of onions and bacon bits. My first reaction was to check my own arm pits. When I realised that it wasn’t me (Thank God) my nose led me to the person standing next to me, with his arms held high and his mouth opened wide, singing – Josh!!!

“OH MY LORD BOY! Did you put on deodorant?” He gave me a bashful but guilty grin. “DUDE! COME ON!” I yelled under my breathe.

After several “concerned” church members pulled me to the side to inform me of Josh’s odour, I decided I had to MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT FOR HIS SHORTCOMINGS. Sooooo, I decided from now on I would carry a “911 Bag.” The bag contains lotion, deodorant and oh, a toothbrush (We’ve had that issue too).

Now instead of the possibility of him forgetting again and offending me and the rest of the public, I have back up.

Why this story?

Because we still need to get in our head that it just take some people more time to get it. You can either stay frustrated with them or find a way to help them through it because love makes adjustments for other people’s shortcomings.


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