FlockPoint7: STAND OUT WAVE Showcasing Urban Talent

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London based creative media company, FlockPoint7, have launched a new 3 part video series called STAND OUT WAVE.

STAND OUT WAVE is a showcase of talented youth who are bringing change to urban communities. It aims to give insight into the purpose of the participant behind each episode as well as introduce positive talent and role models to a youthful audience.

The first video in the series was released on Sunday 19th July and featured London based poet & MC, Owanari Briggs.

The aim of FlockPoint7 is to regenerate UK youth culture through purpose, faith and direction specialising in creativity, local awareness, potential development, video production and music for the community and nation.

The founder of FlockPoint7 is called Emmanuel Adeyemi and he said ““When I was growing up I had aspirations of becoming a basketball player or a rapper however they became weary as I began to get older. Friends that grew up around me no longer wanted to play football or go to university. Everything was changing. Between the ages of 16-19 neither I nor my friends had any aspirations or any clue of what we wanted to achieve in life, this had become the norm for my peers. We had no direction. Suddenly society got scary, the ‘road life’ was enticing and everyone around me was trying to mould me into something I wasn’t.”

So in 2010 Emmanuel started FlockPoint7, since then they’ve set up schemes and workshops to develop and cultivate a mindset of creative liberty.

The videography alone of this series is massively impressive and does a good job of ‘standing out’ amongst other videos of this nature. It is also refreshing to see young people display ‘urban culture’ positively particularly in these times of cultural and political unrest.

To date parts one and two of the series are available to view on YouTube. The third and final part of the series is released on Sunday 2nd August.

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