Faith Child Video Highlights Richness in Africa Despite Poverty

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MOBO award winning rapper, Faith Child, releases new music video for track ‘Our Father’. The video, packed full of stunning visuals, was filmed on location in Malawi (southeast Africa).

Having flown to Malawi with relief and development charity, Tearfund, the South London rapper was inspired by the richness amongst ‘poverty’.

Faith Child - Malawi

It was beautiful to see that despite the fact that Malawians in the Salima region are not rich financially, they are rich in culture and community. In filming the music video I was intentional in showing a different side to Africa than that which is commonly shown in the media. I wanted to show the joy and happiness, and reinforce that you don’t need to have lots of things to make the best of life. At times we in the West can get caught up in building currency and not character.Faith Child

Tearfund supports eight local partners working across 16 districts in Malawi, resourcing them to offer lasting transformation to communities. Currently, Tearfund supports 11,500 households with a variety of activities that ensure households are resilient to climate change and have enough food for their families.

‘Our Father’ features on Faith Child’s album, ‘Airborne’. About the track, he says,

‘Our Father’ is a song about prayer and seeing better days ahead, and I strongly believe in matching my faith with my actions. We might not all be able to sit on executive boards or walk down corridors of power, but we sure can change the world one person at a time by being a little less selfish and bit more selfless.

Having visited and performed in Nigeria multiple times, Faith has been able to connect to Africa and see it for what it truly is, an affluent resource-rich continent.

Being of Nigerian descent, I always heard my mum and relatives speak of how great Nigeria was but I never saw that portrayed in the media, which has given me a drive and passion to change the narrative. Similar to every country, there are impoverished and less developed parts of Africa, but if ever we need to show that, let us do it with dignity and show the joy, happiness and rich culture, as opposed to the one sided negative image we’re constantly shown. I truly believe that there is a way to empower those less fortunate without compromising their honour. That is what I stand for and I
am calling for others to do so too.Faith Child

In a quest to empower those less fortunate, Faith Child stands in support of Tearfund to bring help to communities around the world escape the very worst effects of poverty and disaster. To find out more about the work of Tearfund and join them in empowering communities across the world, visit their website:

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