Ex-Christian Rapper, Jahaziel, Finally Speaks Out to Christian Media

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Over the past few months, Christian Hip Hop fans in the UK and across the world have responded in various ways to the revelation that the prominent Christian rapper, Jahaziel, has denounced his Christian faith.

The artist that brought us songs like “Jesus”, “Help Me God” and “I Said Yeah”, and worked with artists such as Christon Gray, Sean C. Johnson, and Guvna B, announced his denouncement of Christianity in a vocal, almost “No Holds Barred”, manner on social media. His announcement was met with thousands of comments from confused, disappointed, and shocked fans amidst comments from some people congratulating the artist for what they call a “bold and intelligent” move.

Jahaziel has since avoided speaking directly with Christian media. However, he recently chose to have a chat with the Juicy Ladies stating that he was “now ready”. The Juicy Ladies took the opportunity to ask the rapper, “why?“…Well, it was more like, “Jahaziel…WAH GWARN???” And he was gracious enough to answer us.

Watch his response here in Part 1 of the interview.

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What should the Christian Body’s response be to prominent figures who step out of the faith? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Hmmm, watched the interview and would have asked a few leading questions, for example even if he has renounced his Christian faith, what does that mean about Jesus Christ as Lord, does He still believe in this. Furthermore, yes there are good and bad people in church and outside of church,, but with good people outside of church where does he believe they end up when they die. Being good without accepting Jesus Christ as Lord will not get you to heaven. I see there is a bit of confusion going on and that could be that there are not enough strong Christian role models around him;. I also know that God isn’t the author of confusion and I do sense confusion in his explanations. Furthermore he should never define his faith based on what he saw, instead let him be the change and present Christ as Christ would want him to present Him.

  2. I wish he knew the most important thing is that God loves him and that the personal relationship we have with God is the soul focus of the Christian faith. I feel like his focus has been overshadowed by his view of Church and religion. Church is just a place to learn, worship and fellowship. In my experience it is a mixed back of broken people who God absolutely loves, but being human we get it wrong sometimes, but it does not change the fact that God’s heart is for us and he is always keen to connect with us regardless of where we are at

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