Event Review: Solly Mahlangu Live in Concert – UK Tour 2015

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  1. Event date and time?

7th March 2015 at 6:30. Didn’t finish to 11pm.

  1. Event name?

Solly Mahlangu live in Concert (UK Tour)

  1. Event Organisers?

Pastor Stephen K Mpofu

  1. Where was the event held?

Castle Green, Gale Street, Dagneham, Essex

  1. How much was the event?

Tickets were priced from £15 – £25

  1. What was the event about?

This event was part of a 3 day UK tour for Solly Mahlangu. This was the South African Gospel star’s very first visit to the UK. His other tour locations were in Birmingham and Glasgow.

  1. What was the highlight?

Solly Mahlangu himself was the highlight! He has an amazing ability to balance worship ministry with entertainment. He maintained such tight control of every aspect of the performance in regards to the singers and the musicians, and he seemed to put his all into every song with tireless energy. Sollly had the audience up dancing and completely engaged within minutes and kept them hooked throughout his time on stage.

During his set he got the crowd involved by instigating an impromptu singing competition where winners would win a copy of his CD/DVD set. This then moved on to a dance-off that really got the audience going and culminated in a young man going head to head with Solly.

Watch Video:

There were a number of supporting artists that performed to warm the crowd up before the main man graced the stage himself. They were all pretty good but the SA African choir really stood out. They successful incorporated beautiful songs filled with provocative harmonies, strong African dance choreography and vibrant colours. They just brought a lot of joy and energy on to the stage that was so infectious.

  1. What could have been better?

The sound in the venue wasn’t of the best quality unfortunately and did go against the overall professional feel of the event. Solly had a number of issues with the sound which seemed to distract him at various points during his performance. Still related to the sound, it was quite strange to see a full sound check take place right in the middle of the whole event, just before the main act was due to come on.

I also think that although the venue was very nice, fit for purpose and of a high standard, the lack of appropriate stage lighting meant that the event lacked that ‘concert feel’.

  1. What are your views on the venue?

20150307_212406The concert was held at Castle Green – a huge building which houses a number of different organisations including a school, sports and leisure centre, café, children’s centre and library! In the midst of all this, the building houses a very substantial and adequate hall which can been used for conferences and events. According to the website, the hall capacity is 760 and is promoted as being best used for conferences, seminars, training courses and away days.

The Hall has a strong but friendly modern design, is clean and bright. However, I would say that if you are considering using the hall for a concert, you would have to consider sound and lighting very well.

10. Was there a good turn out?

The turnout was excellent. I would hazard a guess at 650 people. There was such as great atmosphere and lots of positive energy.

11. Would you attend again and why?

Without a shadow of a doubt! This was a well organised event barring the sound issues and inappropriate lighting. The efforts put into the event from the promotion stage to the evening itself was evident. And besides that, what a great family night out of dancing, singing and worship. Well done!

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