EVENT REVIEW: Pre-Screening of Selma Movie, Manchester

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[spacer style=”1″] Event date and time?
Friday 30th January 2015


Event name?
Selma – Movie Screening, Manchester


Where was the event held?
Odeon, Printworks, Manchester City Centre


What was the event about?
It was a pre-screening of the new Martin Luther King movie, Selma, followed by a bit of a question and answer session.


What was the highlight?
There were a few highlights for me. Firstly, the movie itself was quite good. Whilst it wasn’t necessarily the greatest work of cinematography I’ve ever seen, there was a lot of depth in the movie, some really great acting by David Oyelowo (I was massively impressed by his accent and depiction of Martin Luther King), and some deeply emotional moments.

Also, I was expecting the Q&A after the movie to be a bit dull and cack handed but it was actually very well handled. Natalie Brown from Time With Natalie, the event host, worked the crowd like a pro encouraging enough conversation to keep it interesting whilst maintaining control so it didn’t turn messy – except for one woman who was allowed to waffle on for a bit too long (‘til now I’m still not sure what point she was trying to make). The audience was vocal and willing to participate in discussion, they also offered a lot of great commentary and insight into some of the issues raised in the movie relating them to hot topic issues of today.

But best of all the event was FREE! Hats off to Natalie Brown who successfully 3 screenings in London, Birmingham, and Manchester of the movie with no entry fee. You can’t ask for more than that really can you?
Natalie Brown_Selma
What could have been better?
There was a short amount of time for mingling and photo opps at the end, but it’d have been nice to have a little more of an affair of that…is that asking a bit much? Lol.

On a serious note, I think it was a bit of a missed opportunity to find out more about Natalie herself, particularly after she went to such lengths to put on this free event.


What are your views on the venue?
The screening was held in the Odeon at The Printworks in Central Manchester. I was very impressed by this as it was not a half measure, like projecting the movie onto the clearest/cleanest wall of some dive somewhere in back and beyond. I’m also slightly biased, Odeon Printworks is my second favourite cinema to the AMC in Manchester.


Was there a good turn out?
The turn-out was pretty good given that the promotion in Manchester was seriously lacking.


Would you attend again and why?
I definitely would. The movie is one I’d have gone to see at some point anyway. The organisation and poise of Natalie Brown impressed me. I’ll definitely be looking out for what she does next. To learn more about Natalie visit here www.timewithnatalie.com

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