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Funmilaya Aiyenuro is the founder of Christian events ministry, Save Our Socials, and a frequent attendee of the monthly Praise Party. As this event is growing in momentum we thought we’d catch up with Funmi to hear more about it.

Good vibes, good people, God music! If I had to really summarise the Praise Party that’s how I’d put it plainly and simply it! On the first Friday of every month people from across the UK come singing and dancing in praise to our God and fellowshipping in a non-church setting: It’s a wonderful thing. There’s something about Praise Party and it’s not only the DJs who do an absolute madness every single month without fail; it’s not even necessarily the fantastic artists that perform to encourage and convict us to live a godly lifestyle whilst we two step. I’d have to say what stands out the most for me is the culture. There’s a culture of love and acceptance whilst all the while encouraging people to be closer to and more passionate about God and His Kingdom. The culture starts from the hospitality at the door all the way upstairs to every other member of the team it’s full of genuine fun-loving Christians who just want Jesus’ name to be lifted up and to enjoy doing it. There’s even some fun icebreaker games to get you talking.

Something that really surprised me is that several people attend Praise Party unaccompanied to see what it’s like and I definitely feel that unlike secular events it’s a comfortable place to do this and the icebreakers really accommodate this. It’s a great place to make friends and network without fear of judgement. It’s a place for anyone and everyone to go and have a great time whether you’re unsaved, a new convert, or mature in your faith. It’s the fellowship part of Praise Party that is revolutionary. I’ve been to many clubs before and I’ve been to many, many Christian events before and by far Praise Party is the most inclusive activity I’ve participated in for a long time.

I know there are concerns about Praise Party just copying the world but I’d have to disagree. I’m a frequent church goer and I can confidently say though Praise Party is not at all church-like there is only a few factors that separate it from a good praise and worship session and there are a few factors that make it a breath of fresh air. It’s, if anything, a place to bring ones unsaved friends to an event where their mind can be cleansed with music glorifying the Lord and they can witness God’s very own people having a great time in a non-church atmosphere.

I think it’s such a great venture because my own personal ministry encourages the very same premise that Praise Party is built on, which is simply “why have a secular social life when you can have just as much fun in the Kingdom of God” or in simpler words #KingdomLikeSocialLife. I want to encourage us all to do away with the irresponsible drinking; immodest dressing; and supporting of artists who make a living off speaking profanities against God or promoting ways which are against God’s ways. Praise Party is just that, a step in the right direction to get us to find our excitement in the things of God and not in the things of the world.

For those of us who struggle with trying to wean ourselves off of secular music Praise Party is a good place to learn a thing or two about good God music. Come with your phone charged up and Shazam-ready!

Having been to almost every Praise Party I have seen it grow significantly and become stronger and more sure of itself every month. I see a community being built; people are making friends at Praise Party and I know the organisation team are hoping that marriages will be birthed in this place of Praise. If you’re on the fence, I would definitely encourage giving it a try. It’s a place to feel welcome amongst the people of God and not have to worry about judgement or spiritual pollution. It’s a place to grow in confidence, to be encouraged by your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ whilst dancing the night away to some of the best Christian tunes in gospel crafted together by the best Christian DJs in the UK. What’s not to love?

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The next Praise Party takes place on Friday 5th August from 9pm – 2am.

This month’s event is themed #REPYOURFLAG and features live PA’s from Marky T, Sam Adebanjo, and Chris Da Ambassada. There’ll be a guest DJ set by DJ Naadlox. And resident deejays, DJ Kelechi, DJ Tito, DJ Tomiwa, will be playing the best in Christian RnB, Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeats, and more. Come ready to rep your colours!

Book your tickets for the event here: Get Your Praise On!


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