EVENT REVIEW: Lover’s Night – Manchester

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1. Event date and time? 

7th February 2015, 7pm till 10pm

2. Event name?

Lover’s Night


3. Event Organisers?

Psalm One Productions

4. Where was the event held?

New Covenant Church, Matthews Lane, Levenshulme, Manchester

5. How much was the event?


6. What was the event about?

The event was about encouraging good marriage amongst those already marriage and those seeking to marry…I think? You will see why I am not sure further down.

7. What was the highlight?

The Play/Drama called Mr and Mrs, was a very good aspect of this Lover’s Night. It was about a couple who had had the same dream that their marriage was in a grave…dead. They had both become quite complacent with their marriage and hadn’t noticed that they were now in a rut and on the road to marital breakdown. The realisation that they had both had the same dream was a firm awakening to the fact that they needed to invest more attention into their marriage and rekindled a fresh love.

It was really quite a nice drama actually, well written and well performed. The actors managed to drive the message across clearly and succinctly without it feeling rushed.

I also think that having the photo booth was a very nice touch for an event targeted at couples. My husband and I certainly took advantage of that.

Another highlight was the performance from Manchester based multi-award winning singer/songwriter David B whose soulful voice really did fill the atmosphere with love.

The event hosts Ayo and Yinka Adewumni were warm and vibrant with lots of energy – qualities that really like in hosts.

8. What could have been better? IMG-20150208-WA0003

There are were a couple of things that could have been better really. I think that overall, the event lacked a clear objective. The audience was left without clarity on what the event really aimed to do and whether it had achieved the objective or not. Upon arrival, I wasn’t very sure about whether the event was going to be an evening of romance, lessons on love or a marital conference. Unfortunately, I left none the wiser.

I think recruiting school children as food service staff may not have been the best idea especially when they had to take orders as well as serve. May have been a little too much for them to handle. A few of us were left waiting for our food or in the position where one or two people had received their own plate but felt extremely guilty as their table neighbours were left waiting for an uncomfortably long time. However, once it arrived, the food was yummy!

9. What are your views on the venue?

The venue was a church with a great space which is perfect for events like these, however, if the organisers were hoping to create a romantic atmosphere it probably shouldn’t have been the venue of choice.

This venue seated what seemed to be a large number of people very comfortably in a banqueting seating style. There were approximately 9 large round tables yet the space did not seem tight. The tables were nicely and coherently decorated in colours that that worked well the venue decor.

The venue also boasts a large, well equipped and styled stage. New Covenant Church would be a very good venue of choice for conferences, low level concerts and banquets.

11. Was there a good turn out? 

There was an excellent turn out of people from various ages, backgrounds and cultures. A good mixture of married couples and singles.

12. Would you attend again and why?

I would absolutely attend again. On the whole, this was an enjoyable event to attend. The number of people that attended also shows that people are excited about such events. With some consideration to having a very clear objective and making sure that all aspect of the event works within that boundary, this could potentially be an eagerly awaited annual event.


By Vinejuice

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