Dwayne Tryumf Starts Shocking LGBT Debate

dwayne tryumf
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Last week UK’s Christian rapper Dwayne Tryumf posted on Facebook:


“If you support LGBT then you are an enemy of God, an enemy of God can never be a friend of mine.”

This post shook the public and because of this we recently carried out a survey on all our social media platforms asking this question: Do posts like these on social media do more harm than good to the church?


Our social media shows how majority of you believe Dwayne’s statement is negative and does more harm to the church than good. Whereas, other concluded that Dwayne’s comment was not him judging was simply him declaring his own truth.

Keep a lookout for more of our weekly debates on social media.

Over to you

This debate was really undivided; what do you think about Dwayne’s statement? Tell us in the comments below.

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