You Don’t Need to Have a Job to Marry Me!

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Before you start disputing the headline of this article read further. You may find that you agree with Single-hood/Marriage Counsellor, Dorike Adesunloye, who says that “it is more important for your potential spouse to have good work ethics.”

Having work ethics is completely different from actually being employed and is potentially far more important! Many people, particularly women, completely discount men who have the potential to be fantastic husbands and fathers because at that present time, they do not have a job. Dorike highlights that in this day and age, there are a lot of people without jobs, not because they desire to be unemployed, but rather because they have been made redundant or because of changes in their particular sector and the working environment. Bearing in mind the current economic climate, it would be unrealistic to categorically say you would only consider someone who had a job.

A person without good work ethics could lose their job tomorrow and then become useless to themselves, their spouse and the community. Remember that things change. Not many things stay the same. Having a job today does not guarantee you a job tomorrow. If the person you are considering to marry today looses their job tomorrow, are you likely to find them having regular dates with king of Day Time TV – Jeremy Kyle or up and active in seeking new opportunities and being useful in the home, church or community?

Someone who has good work ethics is someone that wants to work. They will actively seek to do something. They will look at how they can be useful to you and to the community they are in. They will have ambition and drive that will ensure that when a new opportunity of work arises they will maximise that opportunity and thrive.

So which is more important to you now – the job or the work ethic?

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