Don’t Just Fast and Pray – VOTE!

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A lot has been going on in our political arena and we all aware of it; Christians are being prosecuted right, left and centre. My time with politicians has taught me that they don’t pay attention to people who themselves, don’t pay attention or matter to them. I know this is sad, but that unfortunately, is the reality we live in.

As a speaker, I have been opportune to travel round various churches in the UK. I have come across a few churches that are constantly praying for the nation and are practically supporting and raising up people to pursue and change our nation for God. I have also been to many churches that do not remember to pray for the nation, and their being interested in doing something about the state of the nation is very unlikely. The sad truth is that many churches do not realise they are being run by a physical government and a constitution which gives them a right and a responsibility.

As a result of this, many churches have numbers and buildings but no socio-political presence.  Even their buildings are being taken as the laws are not in their favour. I know many say we should pray and have faith, but the Bible says faith without works is dead. It is not on life support, it is not on a sick bed, it is dead – past tense.

 When the righteous are in power the people rejoice but when the wicked reign the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2


Biblical Evidence of Godly People with Political Influence

All through the Bible, God has always used people and most especially men and women of faith and prayer (intimacy) to do His work. A good example is Daniel, a senior government minister who served and was relevant for 65 years in 3 different administrations that were clearly Anti–God. Daniel was able to interpret the mind of God and prepare the way for Christ in his own capacity. Remember the three wise men from the east that came bearing gifts did so based on Daniel’s prophecies in Babylon.

Queen Esther was a force to be reckoned with, a cultural and political elite and a woman who delivered a nation from genocide. I particularly like what Mordecai, the lobbyist, said to her: The Lord has created you for a time such as this

Not forgetting Nehemiah, a top civil servant, the man who risked being beheaded by appearing before the king sad. He didn’t only pray and fast to speak to the king about building the walls of Jerusalem, he worked hard and worked smart.


Modern Day Christians Used by God

If you think feats like these were restricted to Bible times, we can talk about Martin Luther King Jr, who was not just a minister who prayed and had faith, but one who worked earnestly to make the civil rights movement what it is today. There were also the likes of Mahalia Jackson, not only a well known gospel artiste but a great encourager of Martin Luther King Jr. It was she, who on that faithful day August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln memorial encouraged him to tell the people his dream to which he obliged, even though that was not the speech planned for that day.  Today, everybody everywhere has heard of the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. You might think you have no significance, but who knew someone cheering and shouting from the sidelines, “Tell them that dream Martin!” would change the course of history and speeches forever.

John Newton, the writer of Amazing Grace the famous hymn we all love and sing did not just pray , hope and fast, he worked tirelessly with William Wilberforce – a Christian , and made sure he didn’t die until the Abolition of Slave trade bill was passed in Parliament.


Christians – Your Vote is Power!

Fellow Christian, your vote is your power! It’s nice to have food banks but do you know that getting involved by just voting can reduce the number of people who use food banks? Do you know that beyond having compassion for victims of trafficking, getting involved can close loop holes and probably end trafficking with the right people and laws in place?

Like Peter, it’s time we stepped out of the boat, like Timothy, it’s time we guard the faith that was delivered to the saints.



You can Vote
You can register to vote; make haste as registration closes on the 20th of April 2015. You don’t have to be British to vote and even individuals from commonwealth countries can vote.

Encourage others to do the same, you can vote at the age of 18 but can register as early as the age of 16. (There is a debate to reduce the voting age to 16)

Register to Vote in England, Scotland or Wales


Register to Vote in Northern Ireland



You can Elect
You can make informed decisions about whom you elect in a number of ways. You could write or give the candidates in your constituency a call asking about where they stand on issues you care about. It is important to do your own research about the issues you are bringing up.

Even better is to hold or attend a hustings.  Hustings are public meetings (often held at a local church) where election candidates speak to potential voters. They are a great way to hear directly from the candidates and to ask them questions about the issues you care about. There are various hustings being held around the country but if there aren’t any near you, you can always organise yours.

Once you have decided on your candidate, you can support their campaign by telling others about them and perhaps delivering some of their leaflets.

Guide for Organising a Husting


You can Stand
Yes, you can stand in the next election and you don’t have to be British. Again, individuals from commonwealth countries can stand.

There are various decision making systems and positions where you can stand and make your Godly influence felt.  These range from School Governor, Councillor, Mayor, Magistrate, Member of Parliament or even the Prime Minister. All you need is to be 18 years of age! It’s nothing supernatural or deep; it’s as straight forward as brushing your teeth but it is however, strategic.

Voting is not just your right, it’s your responsibility. Be Responsible!

The next UK Parliamentary General Election takes place on Thursday 7 May 2015. Registration to vote closes on Monday 20th April 2015. 

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What are your views on why Christians are not being as active on the political scene as they should be? Or maybe you feel Christians are doing what they can already? Share your comments below.


About the Author:

[row][half]Kofo Kego Oyeleye[/half][half]Kofo Kego Oyeleye  has a love for the creative arts which has seen him become a writer, public speaker, photographer, and filmmaker. This coupled with a knack for entrepreneurship has resulted in his establishment of two separate ventures: Repmo Media and Repmo Clothings in 2011, of which he remains the CEO.

Kofo is passionate about youth, with a vision to seeing young people realise their potentials. This has seen him act in various capacities as a youth leader and mentor, including being an associate within Aimhigher, a national programme in England aimed at widening participation and access to higher education among learners from under-represented groups.

He is visioneer of VES – VES which stands for Vote Elect Stand is an initiative with the purpose of seeing more Christians at various levels within the UK government


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