Donnie McClurkin to Release New Single With No Promo

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Donnie mcclurkin 1One of the world’s most recognised and respected artist’s in Gospel music, Donnie McClurkin has announced a surprise release of his brand new single “I need You”, set to drop on Monday 11th April. But it appears that Donnie is just as surprised as we are since he only found out about the song’s release a couple of days ago too!

Apparently, “I Need You” is being released with no publicity or marketing strategy by RCA Records as this is the last project that Donnie will release with the recording company. In response to RCA’s actions or lack thereof, Donnie McClurkin said this:

“The record company is being unreasonable in not putting any effort or publicity or advertisement behind this. But be that as it may, that will be an ongoing battle until Jesus comes back because the record company has their mode of operations and artists always think that they know better..and I can’t lie, I’m one of them.”

The singer admits to having an “ongoing struggle” since signing to the label but goes on to commend the record company and says that without them we wouldn’t have had access to majority of the music that we enjoy. He also says that the record company has been key in the success of his past ventures.

So although Donnie is somewhat outraged that RCA are not doing any sort of promotion or marketing for his new song, he can’t help but acknowledge that his 3 Grammy’s and other successes have come whilst under the same record label. For that he says “Thank you”…albeit through gritted teeth.

But hey…new music from Donnie McClurkin? YASSS!!! That’s always good news, promo or no promo. And it seems to be the new way of releasing music these days. We’ve called it ‘The Beyonce Drop’ as she was one of the first artists to take such a risky move – and it worked for her. Since then a number of artists, including Gospel artists have adopted the same strategy.

“I Need You” will be available on Itunes and other digital outlets. In the meantime, enjoy this snippet of the track posted on Donnie McClurkin’s Facebook page:

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