Deitrick Haddon’s EX Wife, Damita, Talks About Her New Marriage

damita haddon
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Ex wife of ‘Preachers of LA’ reality show star and leading Gospel artist Deitrick Haddon shared with fans on Periscope how she made her decision to marry again and the new couples journey so far.

After a controversial and turbulent divorce, the remarried Damita and her new husband Reuben Chandler spoke candidly to their periscope followers about their marriage with Damita stating that although she loved Reuben, ‘love’ was NOT the reason she married him.

Speaking directly to her husband, Damita said “I couldn’t make the decision to be with you based on love. The decision that I  made to be with you was solely out of trust. And I knew it was God because I went in it (the marriage) saying that it wasn’t for another reason but trust. It wasn’t for money, it wasn’t for a care, it wasn’t for a house, it wasn’t for your career. It was based solely on trust. I believe that this man will love me unconditionally. I trust and believe that he’ll never leave me. I trust and believe that he will accept me for who I am – flaws and all. I trust and believe that he loves the Lord and I trust and believe that he has a plan for his family.”

I couldn’t make the decision to be with you based on love.” says @OfficialDamita. #MarraigeTips

The couple also went on to talk about the importance of being physically attracted to your spouse and choosing a mate that you physically desire. Damita said; “I don’t have a desire for anyone else. I don’t care if it’s LL Cool J…and he’s fine! I don’t care who they are because at the end of the day, no one has what I want but you. ”

Earlier on in the live broadcast, Reuben talked about his decision to marry Damita being encouraged by her physical attributes and topped off by her being a “praying woman of God”.

Damita gave her viewers some words of advice by telling us that the couples first year of marriage was difficult but through prayer and receiving wisdom from God, they have began to grow together.

“My prayer is “God, how can I be a better wife to my husband. How can I please him and how can I please you by being the wife that I’m supposed to be to my husband. How can I be the wife the you intended a woman to be to her husband?””

The couple admitted that after only nearly 2 years of marriage, they are still learning each other but that the Lord has been teaching them to use wisdom in creating a happy marriage. Damita said that greatest lesson she has learnt so far is to practice not to react with her emotions but to learn to have a disagreement without her emotions fueling the argument and being able to move on afterwards. She said that this is a lesson that a lot of women really need to grab hold of.

Thanks for the advice Damita!

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