David B Drops New EP and Tells You to Care about the Journey’

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With the release of his new eagerly anticipated EP ‘Care about the Journey’ on 2nd June 2014, Adaeze Chiwoko from Vinejuice managed to grab some time with one of the UK’s hottest gospel artists – David B, to talk about his hopes for the EP, his views on the UK Gospel Industry and what the future holds.

Right Mr David B! How are you? What’s been going down?

David: I am really good. I have a bit of a cold right now. But I’ve just released my EP so I am feeling very excited about that. How are you?

Yeah, I am great. So, since the release of your single ‘Ijo Ya’ in February this year, we have been eagerly awaiting your EP – ‘Care about the Journey’. Why did you wait till June to release it?

David: For me, I like to feel like I am ready. So even if everything on paper says I’m ready, if I don’t feel ready then I just won’t do it. When I say ‘ready’ I mean feeling like I have done enough, I’ve promoted enough and that people are aware of my project. June just felt right. In April I was saying May, but when it got to May I still didn’t feel quite ready so then I said June. It’s also my birthday month so I felt it would be nice to link the EP release with my birthday celebrations.

So it seems as if you have been doing a lot of gigging and performance as David B but also as a member of the Time 2 Shine winning group Divine Divine. How has all that been going for you?

David: It’s been doing really well. It’s nice to do the group stuff as well as the solo stuff as I think it makes me complete. There are certain avenues that I haven’t been able to get to yet as a solo artist that I have been able to get to with Divine Divine just because of the backing and resources that we have. So being part of both worlds has made me grow and experience way more than if I was just a solo artist or just in a group.#

But where does your focus lie at the moment?

David: My focus right now lies on my solo career because I have just released my EP so that is what is taking all of my time and energy.

Ok, tell me about the inspiration behind ‘Care about the Journey’?

David: ‘Care about the Journey’ actually just mean caring about the journey of life. 2012 was a crucial year for me because from 2010 – 2011 I was working on an album that didn’t come out. This was devastating to me. But it taught me so much. It made me realise that music isn’t the end of everything. It made me see music as part of my life. Music is something I love but is not all of me.

I had reached a point in 2011 where I was just mopping around. I had given up on music. But one day I was speaking to my friend who is also my writing partner and we were talking about the music industry. He asked whether we are ever going to make it. Like, is there any point? And I remember saying to him that we’ve just got to wait and be patient. And that was it. As I put the phone down I had the melody for the song ‘Care about the Journey’ which is now the feature track on the EP. Almost immediately after that I got a verse and chorus. But at that point I had given up on music, so it just stayed as a voice not in my phone. However, as the year progressed, I had a strong urge to continue to do music. I just felt that I had learnt so much and had so much to say – not only to the world but to myself. ’Care about the Journey’ is very true of where I am right now. Sometimes the end feels so impossible that we forget about the little steps needed to get us there. ‘Care about the Journey’ is a reminder to myself that God has placed this in my hands so I have to take daily steps and be committed to my daily walk instead of waiting for this big magic ending to occur!

I hear you David. Wise words. So what would be the ‘big magic ending’ for you?

David: How big are we talking?

Well give us THE DREAM David…

David: The big dream is to be able to do music for a living. In terms of a long term goal, it’s to be able to inspire people on a wider scale. I think I do that already but I want to be able to go around the world sharing my music, helping young artists, mentoring and maybe managing them.


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Do you feel like there is a chance for UK artists to really experience success with Christian music? Is the infrastructure there to facilitate that?

David: I think so. I don’t know how or when, but I do believe in my heart that it is possible. I serve a God who makes all things possible.

In terms of an infrastructure, I think it is still growing. I think a lot of us are still learning. I have learnt not to focus on what’s not happening and the lack of support, but look at what I can do. At the end of the day it’s about putting out a service, and when people realise that they need that service they will pay for it. You have to build up a steady fan base that then becomes your source of income because they are supporting you by coming to your concerts, buying your music and your merchandise.

David, are you a ‘Christian Artist’ or an ‘artist who is a Christian?

David: I am an artist that is a Christian. I have this conversation all the time. What I think is, if you like my music and you understand it and it is relevant to you, then the label doesn’t matter. So I feel like I am a Christian and I happen to sing. I hope that people would expect my music be based on Christian foundations but that doesn’t mean that every song I sing will say ‘Jesus died on the cross’.

If you could be a Bible character who would you be?

David: I would be my name sake David. I feel like I was named after David based on his life in the Bible.

Ok, so what’s the next step now for you?

David: Well the next step for me is to just to promote the EP as much as possible. I have also been nominated in 2 categories as David B and 2 categories Divine Divine in the Jump Music Video Awards which is really exciting.

So you have been nominated twice as a single artists and twice as a group? That’s just greedy David! I guess you’re going to be at this year’s Gospel Summit then?

David: Yes I do plan to be there

And what do you think about the importance of events like the Gospel Summit in the UK?

David: I think is it is very necessary. I just don’t know about the consistency of it. We really need consistency. There are a number of things that start and then I don’t hear about them anymore.

Also, I get a bit wary about events like this because I feel artists get a bit of a bashing. I am just imagining that I attend one of the workshops where somebody will be saying; “you’re not doing this right. You’re not doing this wrong. Your video looks cheap!” Sometime I feel that the approach can be a bit harsh and people don’t always understand the struggle.

I hear you. Well I’m really looking forward to it so I will definitely see you there. Ok, one last thing. Can you say that you love Vinejuice and that we are your life? You don’t have to say the ‘we are your life’ bit if it’s not true.

David: Well, I do love you guys!

Yay! We love you too David B!

Ok, thank you so much for your time. It’s been an absolute pleasure to talk to you as always. See you at the Gospel Summit in Birmingham on the 13th and 14th June.

You can download David B’s new EP from Itunes here.

Care about the Journey EP Cover

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