Christian Charts Producer calls on Public to to Support Christian Music

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A Campaign to ‘Support Christian Music’ was launched today by Christian movement organisation – A Step FWD. The campaign aims to raise funds for the UK Christian Charts, which is a production of A Step FWD.

The organisation states that their ‘objective is to build the charts into a nationally recognised data system that celebrates and promotes UK-based Christian music – from underground artists to A step FWDestablished acts.’ They hope to raise £6,500 within six weeks via Crowd funding to create the chart infrastructure, including a new website and broadcast quality media output. Money will also go towards growing the chart data and media into a respected music platform, where national and international Christian artists can share and promote their music to the world.

A Step FWD Founder and Operations Manager, O’Neil Dennis said: “We are passionate about music and supporting creative talent. I am excited to see this campaign further unite the UK music scene to the benefit of us all.”

“The UK Christian Chart from its inception has been fully representative of the diverse sounds of our country. The chart will continue to champion and provide that benchmark; allowing more visibility, better quality and greater creativity.”

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A Step FWD was founded to see more 18 – 40 year olds renew their commitment or be brought into contact with the Christian faith. They work across all denominations and faith groups, recognising Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord; the significance of the cross; His death and His resurrection. They support the UK Gospel music scene to reach a generation through the digital tools that are second nature to them.

So get involved and ‘Support Christian Music’.  Head over to the A Step FWD Kickstarter page; leave a comment, donate or simply share the link with your family, friends and colleagues.


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