Channel 4’s ‘Married at First Sight’ Undermines Marriage?

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Channel 4’s announcement of their new social experiment programme ‘Married at First Sight’ is already causing debate across the UK in various groups.

Channel 4 will match 6 complete strangers, each seeking long-term love to create 3 couples who will enter into legally-binding marriages. The couples will be matched by a panel of experts will meet for the first time at their own wedding where they will declare ‘I do’ in front of family and friends.

Channel 4
Channel 4

Cameras will follow the couples for the first six weeks of their relationship to see if the couples have found their soulmates or if they have entered into the marriage from hell. Legally binding divorces will be granted to the couples that decide that their spouses are not for them.

Channel 4 aims to establish whether the science of psychology can find the winning formula for matching people for a successful marriage.

Will Married at First Sight simply be a modern day version of many of the forms of marriage that takes place in other cultures across world? Or rather does it undermine the seriousness of marriage and trivialise divorce? What are your views?


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