BREAKING NEWS:Another Police Shooting Of Black Male Caught Live

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Following the harrowing video footage of the ‘Alton Sterling’ shooting in which the 37 year old man from Louisiana, USA was pinned down by 2 police officers and according to an eye witness was shot 6 times, yet another video recorded live on Facebook has been circulating.

This tine the victim was stopped by the police officer for having a broken tailgate light. According to the victims girlfriend who was recording the incident, the police officer shot the young man between 3 to 5 times as he attempted to retrieve his wallet from his pocket to produces his documents as requested.

Although it appears the victim was alive in the video, further comments have been circulating that he apparently passed away,

Many asking the same question…when will this stop?

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Over to you

What needs to be done to stop this? Tell us in the comments below.

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