Bizzle Scores Billboard Top 10 Rank with New Album ‘Crowns and Crosses’

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God Over Money founder, Bizzle, celebrates mainstream US Billboard Chart Top 10 success with new Hip Hop album ‘Crowns and Crosses’.

Bizzle’s new album ‘Crowns and Crosses’ dropped on October 21st and so far has achieved a No.8 position in the Rap Album Chart, No.9 in the Christian Album Chart, No.16 Independent Album and No.72 in Top Album Sales. To be fair, Bizzle is a well respected name in Christian Hip Hop circles so it’s not surprise to see that his latest album is doing well.

Here’s a statement from the rapper following the chart updates, “When I gave up promoting ignorance in my music, I also gave up any hopes of Billboard Charts and everything else attached to my dreams before CHRIST. And the truth is, EVERY single project I have dropped while making music for THE LORD has landed on the Billboard Charts. So while the “charts” in themselves mean nothing, they symbolise GOD’S faithfulness. When I was sleeping on that hardwood floor, and moving around with trash bags full of clothes in my car and I vowed to put “GOD Over Money”….I never imagined HIS plans for me would unfold like they have.”

Bizzle goes on to say, “I don’t make the most money but I’ve been able to support my own family as well as bless many families with the money I have made. I don’t sell the most records, but the records I do sell bless the lives of others. The greatest thing of all is that I’m able to give GOD the glory in it all.”

The album features appearances from other big names including Jonathan McReynolds, KB, and this track with Alexis Speight ‘Bless His Name’:

Download ‘Crowns and Crosses’ here: [spacer style=”1″]

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