Bizzle Schools Fans on Streaming Vs. Stealing

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Christian Hip Hop rapper and founder of the God Over Money movement, Bizzle, has shared some thoughts with his fans about the differences between Streaming, Buying, and Stealing, music following the release of his latest album ‘Crowns and Crosses’.

In response to the question, “should I stream ‘Crowns & Crosses’ or buy it, what’s the difference?” that was being asked by his extensive fanbase the rapper took the time to break it down in an email newsletter.

He explained that “1,500 streams equals ONE album sale. If 100,000 people stream the full 18 song album, that’s 1,800,000 streams. But when you divide that by the 1,500 streams it takes to equal an album sale, you get 1,200 albums. So on paper 100,000 supporters ends up looking like 1200 albums sold.” Bizzle then adds “So If you can, please buy it….then listen to the stream, OR simply bless someone else with it, and just listen to the stream yourself.”

When you consider these numbers you’d not fault a lesser known artist for considering alternative career choices, innit!

So that’s Bizzle’s schooling on Streaming vs. Buying, but he didn’t stop there. In his newsletter he went on to address music stealing stating the following, “As for the STEALING…..
I decided to add this after seeing a site that was bootlegging my music. I saw comments from some who would call themselves fans saying, “thanks for the leak”, etc. as they proceeded to download it for free.” For the cheek.

The rapper continues, “I can’t front, because of how much I put into my music; sharing my own pain, struggles, tears with you guys….it messed with me a bit. I thought about how many people will go to a restaurant and spend $10 for food it took 10 minutes to prepare, but then steal an album that it took a whole year to create; as if it’s not worth that same $10. Now as always, I expect the world to do what the world does. But if you are a Christian, I expect you to support the movement and our efforts to bring change through music. And I’m not saying this just for me, I’m speaking for EVERY CHRISTIAN ARTIST who invests time, money, & resources into what they do; please support the artists you would like to see stick around. GOD bless you all!!!”

So, like Bizzle says, show your support and download ‘Crowns and Crosses’ here: [spacer style=”1″]

Over to you

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