Apprentice Finalist Bianca Miller Turns to Public to Raise £100K

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One of the UK’s most loved ‘The Apprentice’ finalists, Bianca Miller, launched a ‘crowdfund’ campaign to raise £100k for her skin-tone hosiery business today.

The business concept of providing nude tights for women of all complexions was introduced to the public during the BBC’s Apprentice 2014. And despite the positive reaction she received for her idea, Sir Alan chose not to go into business with her.

Since then, Bianca has received overwhelming public support for her idea and has decided to take the crowdfunding route to bring her nude tights to market. The public have the opportunity to pre-order Bianca Miller London tights in a choice of eight shades at a significant discount. Offers include; Early Bird Discounts of 2 for £10 to the first 100 customers, 2 for £13 (normal RRP £8.99), an annual tights subscription and lunch with Bianca to name a few. Sounds great if you ask us!

So that you are clear on what your money is being used for, here’s the business proposition for all you business analysts out there:

Bianca Miller London will offer a range of nude tones carefully selected to satisfy complexions ranging from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African. The initial offering will be tights and lace hold-ups, with the collection extending to other complementary products on an evolving seasonal basis.

The brand intends to build on the direct enquiries from viewers of The Apprentice, as well as interest from department stores, independent boutiques and etailers to ensure a UK-wide distribution network.

Bianca Miller london tights

Currently, there are very limited high street options for women who do not fit into the three or so standard nude tones. We are the only brand offering a full assortment of skin-toned hosiery for all women. Bianca Miller London does not have any direct competition and is perfectly placed to change the retail landscape for hosiery.

To ensure our proposition is compelling, we are offering eight nude tones in superior quality at a retail price of just £8.99, set at a level to maximise sales. The colours have been carefully developed based on extensive research to adequately cover an array of skin tones. Products will be available from Autumn-Winter 2015 onwards.

Is there a market for a range of skin-toned nude tights? Apparently there is:

The potential of the market for nude hosiery and related products is substantial. Fashion brands like Christian Louboutin have responded to the lucrative changing demographic by extending their range of nude pumps.

The Facts

  • 236 million pairs of hosiery were purchased in the UK in 2013
  • There has been a 92% increase in sales in nude tights since the 2011 Royal Wedding
  • 51% of the UK population are female, a total of 32 million women and we benefit from about 270 nationalities and therefore a variety of skin tones
  • Colour authority Pantone confirmed there are 110 skin tones internationally
  • On average there are 1.7 million monthly searches for hosiery-based keywords via Google

The Vinejuice Ladies cannot wait for these products to come to market, so we are definitely going to get involved. Every girl needs a good pair of tights and to finally have an option of tones that better match our wide range of complexions is really fantastic. So, please form an orderly line behind us!

What do you think? Are you going to get involved or are you going to be ‘tight’ about it?….Sorry, couldn’t help it. Find out more and make your contributions here:

Bianca Miller London Crowdfund

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