We recognise that there are many Christian, Charity and Community groups out there doing fabulous work and holding even better events. We also know how difficult it is for these groups to promote their events and reach a wider, more diverse audience. Besides that, many people have told us that they struggle to find out about the plethora of ‘Christian Friendly Events’ (as we like to call them) taking place in and around the city. We often hear the phrase “There’s never anything happening” echoed over and over again. The need to have a one-stop shop for finding events taking place across the city and outside of your immediate circle has become increasingly apparent.
That’s where Vinejuice comes in!

Vinejuice uses it’s active social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to proactively engage people. The Vinejuice website promotes events, shares news stories and music; and aims to keep you completely Juiced In.

All in all you can expect lots of exciting events, news, music, images, videos, interviews and reviews. Sounds like fun? Yeah we think so too!


If you’re like us and enjoy maintaining a healthy social life, then visit our SEARCH EVENTS page. We list a variety of events – from Gospel Concerts to Worship Nights, Church Conferences to Training Seminars, and Fun Fairs to Dance Workshops! Add events to your calendar to make sure you never miss an event again.

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Fab! We are waiting to hear from you. Simply submit your event here  Submit an Event to be posted on the Vinejuice website. All we ask in return is that you actively share your event listing link with your audience via your social media and email.


We have various advertising opportunities on the Vinejuice website, E-Newsletters, Social Media and Online Radio Station at absolutely amazing prices! Want to know more? Visit our advertising page for more info.


We just love music and are passionate about supporting the Gospel/Christian Music Industry. Our heart is for new up & coming artists who are looking for a platform to get their music out there. Send your music in to [email protected] for a chance to be included in our playlist, gain a radio interview and be featured on our website.


The mission of Vinejuice is ‘to connect communities by promoting and encouraging vibrant living’….That’s our Job

Your job is to live vibrant and stay juicy!