A Juicy Lady’s Ben-Hur Movie Review

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The Paramount Pictures movie Ben-Hur is out in cinemas across the UK on 7th September 2016 but of course, we were invited to the screening in Manchester and an early watch. So I thought it would be cool to give you a bit of a heads up as to what to expect and whether you should even bother going to see it. And you know you can trust me because one,I’m Christians and two, I’m a  Juicy Lady!

Ok, to say that I’m too young to have never heard of Ben-Hur until recently would be a lie. I definitely remember seeing the movie on the TV when as a child but I never actually watched the film so had no clue what it was about apart from, well the Romans. So I really didn’t know what to expect. Actually, I didn’t expect very much. Some old-time film remade for a modern audience with a forced Christian message maybe.

The truth of the matter is that I was wrong. I cried! I actually cried at least twice during the movie, nearly 3 times! Judah Ben-Hur played by Jack Huston did an amazing job as a well-respected prince who lost everything he loves in the worst way due to being a kind-hearted man. His brotherhood friendship is tested to the nth degree and he has to go head to head against someone who he has loved dearly.

After years working as a slave at sea, a chance of redemption presents itself to this now hate driven man. He gains the opportunity to get back all that he has lost, seek revenge and return home. Even that journey is marred with difficult revelations and decisions.

When I say this movie packs a punch I do not exaggerate at all! The story line is compelling, relatable and moving even for today’s movie goers. And there’s a certain modern swag the actors carry that makes viewing this movie set thousands of years ago, somehow it feels close…Maybe the wardrobe had something to do with that because I’m sure at some point Judah Ben-Hur was rocking a pair of jeans, and some of his other outfits looked like he bought them straight from Zara in the Trafford Centre!

Morgan Freeman to me was outstanding in his role of Sheik Ilderim. He plays a major role in the restoration of Judah Ben-Hur and looks like some form of Jedi Rasta with his dreadlocks! Suits him, though. He stays true to his usual character of the wise older man, guiding and leading Ben-Hur to strategically gain victory.

Not forgetting that this is being marketed as a Christian movie, aside from the message of the whole film being one of redemption, forgiveness and love which are obviously Christian notions, but Jesus does feature in the film without turning it into a “Jesus Film” –  which was kind of cool. It was almost like you were watching “the life of Jesus’s neighbour” with Jesus coming in to reinforce the story line. Nicely done.

What didn’t I like? Well, I wasn’t blown away by the acting of Toby Kebbell who played Judah’s adopted son. And the story left a couple of questions unanswered in regards to the young man – a zealot, who pretty much caused all the crazy drama in the first place yet  didn’t really feature again or have much packing around his story. It’s like he started the fire, ran off and that was it…

Ok, so should you go and watch it? Most definitely. Will you love it? Highly likely. Anything to note? Take a tissue, if you’re anything like me you’re going to feel this one in the heart!

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