30 Urban Songs About Love and Sex from a Biblical Perspective

DJ Kelechi
DJ Kelechi
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DJ Kelechi releases new ‘Love Letters 2018: The Mixtape’ that brings a biblical perspective to sex and relationships.

‘Love Letters 2018’ is the latest instalment of DJ Kelechi’s Valentines themed mixtapes. A 30 track/60 minute mix of hot Hip-Hop & RnB tracks on the subject of love, relationships, sex and marriage, from a Biblical perspective.

This latest mix is DJ Kelechi’s 5th instalment. It features music from NF, Lecrae​, Chance the Rapper, Xavier Omär, Happi, J Vessel and more, plus quotes from Pastor Mike Todd.

On why he made this mix DJ Kelechi said,

At this time of the year there is no shortage of romantic music and content being released, but there is very little that has a biblical perspective. There isn’t much stuff out there that encourages purity, marriage, selflessness and other Christian values.
As a youth leader, I know young people feel pressured to conform to the popular worldviews because all they see and hear in the media is in contrast to what the church is teaching. So this is my effort to make the Bible’s teachings relevant to today, by putting together this mix of new urban music.

Love Letters 2018 Mixtape is available to stream or download for free from dj-k.com/loveletters2018

Track Listing
01. Hold You Down (feat. GNRA) – Deraj
02. Some of y’all so Thirsty – Pastor Mike Todd
03. Dance Like My Daddy – Nathanael
04. Playground – Happi
05. Loaded – Dalet
06. Wavey Love – Jarry Manna
07. Southside – Happi
08. Peng Ting – J Vessel
09. What’s Your Name? (feat. Daramola) – S.O.
10. For Better or Worse – Nathanael
11. Shakira (feat. Marty) – nobigdyl
12. Sandcastles – Jaylon Ashaun
13. Three things no person can fulfil – Pastor Mike Todd
14. Lucked Up (feat. Nija) – Lecrae
15. Digital – Mali Music
16. Wish You the Best (feat. Verse Simmonds) – Lecrae
17. Hideout (feat. Amartey & Lola Luna) – Jay-Way
18. You + Coffee (feat. Willow Stephens) – Doxamillion
19. Aquafina – WHATUPRG
20. Sweet Holy Honey – Sango
21. Blind Man – Xavier Omär
22. Never Pause on Pursuit – Pastor Mike Todd
23. Go (feat. tobyMac & Diverse City) – Hollyn
24. Alright – The Messge
25. You’re Special – NF
26. Practically Pursuing Purity – A-Star and Debo (xSoul Beautyx)
27. Lovely (Radio Mix) Hollyn
28. The Importance of Your Single Season – Pastor Mike Todd
29. May I Have This Dance (Remix) [feat. Chance the Rapper] – Francis and the Lights
30. Dream of You (feat. Taylor Janney) – Jaylon Ashaun

Over to you

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