25 Life Nuggets to Consider By Age 25

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I woke up this morning with this on my mind for teenagers and young people alike, 25 nuggets that will change your world and prepare you for destiny. Imbibe and enjoy!

WARNING! Ride might be bumpy if you are not humble and open-minded, please close page if your emotions are all over

1. Create and invent things in your teenage years. The world is your oyster, it might never tell you “error!” or ask you to “seek assistance” but do seek assistance.

2. Build a business. Your crazy ideas are relevant. Failing and succeeding are a part of life, but make sure you are always striving for success.

3. Girls/Boys are not for outings or showing off, they are for marrying. If you taste all the soup, by the time you are ready, you won’t be able to tell the difference as your taste buds will be burnt and numb.

4. Write a poem or song for that girl, paint the galaxy for her, draw her the universe and take her imagination on a journey beyond her mind. While you’re making her happy, you are also building your talent.

5.  Make sure you give her the write-ups and artwork on your one year anniversary. Let her know she was the girl from your dreams and that you prepared for her while she didn’t know who she was.

6.  Make friends who don’t like you for your money, anointing or fame (when you don’t have any). People who love you when your parents do GBH to your street cred and still love you; people who are as foolish as you and as dependent as you are.

7. Do explore! At a young age you are full of imagination and on a quest for truth. Learn to swim, build your self-esteem, practice and perfect your self-control, cook like you are doing an experiment, then perfect your cooking.

8.  That hot girl/guy in your school has a high of chance of being ugly when you are all grown up.

 There are no ugly people, it’s just poor branding.

9.  About that cheerful girl who shares her body in school, please don’t invest or deposit in her bank as you might be the lucky lottery winner who is only playing for the first time. Your jackpot would need tender, love, care and diapers – and your life will never be the same.

10.  Be nice to the school nerds, they continue to get top grades in life. The’ badmans’ will mostly likely graduate to be ‘Bad Men’.

11.  Go to church. Church might be boring but what you are hearing will prepare you for life. Even those boring sermons you sleep through will come in handy in the future. Know God more than you know your Pastor. Eternity is real. Wise men know God exists!

12.  Ladies –  don’t waste your youth and teenage years. The kind of man you want does not want to marry a Rihanna or Nicki.

13.  Stay away from Robin Thickes or your eyes will see ‘blurred lines’.

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14.  Let’s just say Chris Browns will make parts of your body brown, black and blue.

15.  Don’t be a slave to freedom. If you kiss all the guys in college, bar crawl in 1st year, dance on the table, Facebook your breasts and Instagram your bum in second year, then change your life and join the choir in 3rd year. God forgives and forgets but man forgives and does not forget. He also tells his cousins and friends about it. These days, six degrees of separation has most likely become  3 degrees of separation with social  media. Trust me, there are good men out there and God WILL send you a man who will love you for who you are; wait for him.

16.  Your virginity is your passport to the future, don’t lose it! Selah.

17.  Honour your parents! They are your candle in a dark world.

18.  Respects elders! They are your binoculars; you don’t have to go all the way.

19.  Read a book with pictures, then a book with few pictures, then a book with no pictures.

20.  You can’t buy integrity online!

21  Praying is not just a cool hashtag or a book, you really need to pray. A creation detached from his/her creator will lack updates.

22.  Build and nurture positive habits (waking up early, eating healthy, exercising e.t.c).

23. You don’t know it all, your actions sets precedent. Think!

24.  Kicking people out of your life is not always a good idea even though it’s cool

25.  Do your best at everything! Everything!

By Kofo Kego Oyeleye

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Kofo Kego Oyeleye[/half][half]

Kofo Kego Oyeleye  has a love for the creative arts which has seen him become a writer, public speaker, photographer, and filmmaker. This coupled with a knack for entrepreneurship has resulted in his establishment of two separate ventures: Repmo Media and Repmo Clothings in 2011, of which he remains the CEO.

Kofo is passionate about youth, with a vision to seeing young people realise their potentials. This has seen him act in various capacities as a youth leader and mentor, including being an associate within Aimhigher, a national programme in England aimed at widening participation and access to higher education among learners from under-represented groups.

He is visioneer of VES – VES which stands for Vote Elect Stand is an initiative with the purpose of seeing more Christians at various levels within the UK government

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